Weekly View

WeeklyView addon allow you to display events on a weekly basis with continuous navigation across months through past and future events.

Weekly ViewAddon for EventON

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$40.00 Single Site

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$160.00 Upto 25 Sites

$40.00 Single Site

$90.00 2-5 Sites

$160.00 Upto 25 Sites

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Continuous Week Navigation

Navigation week by week of events across months on a continuous stream of future and past events.

Quick Events View

Event tabs on week strip represents upto 3 events for that date that also associate with event color of that event

Speed Week Scrolling

Jump to future or past weeks faster using the speed week scroller.

Focus Date

Click on a date in week strip to see events from just that date.

Week Styles

Alternatively display events in the week grid with easy to view layout.

Week Table Styles

Show events in week grid as event color bubbles to create amazing visual appeal for your events.


Latest Version 1.1.5

Release Date 2014-10-22

Last Updated 2021-8-17

Requirements EventON

Other Information Changelog

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