Customer Case: Live Virtual Yoga Classes

Published on: July 9,2020

As the pandemic extends its continuation, the world and its people continue to adapt to new ways of life – physically distanced from others. We must be grateful for the advances in technology, that the humans have been able to achieve over the years that have allowed us to still be connected to other humans right now – during a pandemic.

Virtual Events is a real testament for the advancements in technology. Through services like zoom, youtube live – event organizers, performers, speakers, teachers are still able to continue sharing of knowledge, talent and skills to others using virtual events as a replacement for physical events in physical locations.

A perfect example of the use of virtual events with eventON is Susanna hardwood rubin – where they stream live yoga classes online as virtual events. Their customers are able to use Minimum price feature of Tickets addon and make donations for classes.

Virtual Events Ahead

With our most recent update to eventON version 2.9 we have added full integrated support for zoom meetings, and that will allow businesses like Yoga studios to prosper and still continue their journey online.


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