Eventon 2.2.28

Published on: March 25,2015

Guys sorry for the long wait for this next update to eventon. Had a lot going on. So this update primarily focus on updating and fixing several issues in the calendar.

Cool thing we added in this version is the ability set events as cancelled events. See below. At the moment this is just labeling the event as cancelled event and we are hoping to have this intergrated with Event Tickets and RSVP addon as well.



Apart from that couple of other important things in this update are:

Language translations via third party plugins should not be functional for admin side of things for eventon.

Translations for event type category terms is a new addition. Now you can translate individual terms for event types from eventon settings> languages

We also did some improvements to code to make things load faster. We are not removing the event card HTML from loading onto the page when a calendar event is linking to a single event page or if event user interactions are set to do nothing. This should make real difference for those who have 1000+ events in their calendar.

We also fixed an issue with event_type=’NOT-34′ shortcode variable not working when switching months. That should be good to go now.

Support Forum

As we are reaching to more and more users via EventON and fine tuning the annoying errors – we are loving the response we get from you guys.

Awesome users of eventon like @dsb_king (Darren) jumping up to help others on our forum, and some users backing up eventON against false complains – in this we are seeing some great involvement of you guys in our support forum.

At the end of the day we all want eventON to be error free and to be able to do what you want it to do. And I want to thank those guys for their involvement in the support forum. Which is becoming more of a community forum šŸ™‚


Going Forward

We couldnt reach someĀ of the goals we had for March due to other issues we had to spend time on. Going forward for the month of April we are planning to roll outĀ several amazing updates. Some of those in our pipe-line are countdown timer for events, facebook sync, Location cards and updates to some of the addons.

Later today/tomorrow we are going to release 2 more amazing addons – one for a slick search tool bar for the calendar and the other one for users to subscribe to calendar. Subscriber addon is going to be huge as it is packed with some great features.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are about whats coming for eventon in rest of the months for 2015!


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