New Addons: search, countdown & subscriber

Published on: April 6,2015

Hey guys, wanted to share with you couple of new addons we released in the past few weeks. Lot of you guys have been asking us for these addons for awhile now and I am happy to announce these new addons. And they add such great value and power to eventON calendar.




Search addon give your calendar a cool AJAX driven search capability to search through the current months events. Such as awesome feature to have when you have so many events going on for a month.

Read more about Search Addon




Event countdown timer is another one of the most wanted addons we have been asked to build for eventON. This adds a real-time timer to eventTop that will run until the end of the event and you can set up several options on what to do when the timer expire. I can see so many applications for this addon.

Read more about Countdown Addon




Subscriber addon for eventON comes with so many awesome features. Its an amazing addon with a lightbox popup form for subscribing to event calendars to receive updates when new events are published. This addon is highly customizable as well.

Read more abour Subscriber addon


That is a roundup of some of the addons we have released in the past few weeks. We hope you guys will enjoy these new addons and we are all so excited to be working on more and more amazing features and addons for eventON make it more powerful and to be able to do more and more tasks. Until next time!


  1. Adam says:

    Loving the Countdown add-on. Simple yet has great impact – adds a visual element that makes an immediate impression. Good work,

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Thank you Adam!

  2. Ron says:

    Is it possible to add a countdown to the home page that counts down to the next event that is coming up?

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Hi Ron, unfortunately you can not do that at the moment.

  3. Karsten says:

    Hey. is it possible to search the whole content of all posted events or only for that month?

    I’m also interested in subscriber or rss feed… i dont really the whole difference of both…cause the have a great different in their cost……that confuses a little bit


    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Hey there, at the moment search is for current month only. And RSS feed will only give a RSS feed of events while subscriber addon has lot more features please look in here

      1. Karsten says:

        thanks…..a search function for the whole calendar should be great…thats what i need 😉

  4. Karsten says:

    and a question about the countdown….is that countdown only for the END of the event or till the end of registering for the event ???

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Countdown at the moment is only till the end of event.

  5. skedmunds says:

    Where is the time derived from to make sure the countdown is reasonably accurate according to local timezone.

    Also can you switch off the seconds as it’s not really needed to go to that level of detail. It makes it too busy and cluttered for what I use.

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Time is based off UTC 1 which is whats used to make the time for any events. And it is until end time. At the moment you can not turn off seconds. This is a future feature request on our lists.

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