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Reflecting on 2018

Published on: January 3,2019

First of all thank you very much to our amazing eventON customers for making 2018 possible for EventON. We are forever grateful for your support in buying our software, reporting us of issues so we can make everything better and for just being awesome!

Best of 2018

Improvements to EventON main plugin

As our coding skills and techniques have improved drastically over years, 2018 we took the first initiative at changing the eventON data architecture to a more inline with AJAX JSON based data loading. We have only just scratched the surface and we hope to make more inroad on JSON based data loading to improve eventON calendar speeds.

Another big change was, object based data processing for events, mainly using EVO_Event() object to access event data and addons of eventON further extend this object. We also started hooking into Calendar object methods to access global calendar settings to load all data once and be able to access the data later on instances, primary focus being improvements to speed and lowering the memory usage.

Variations & Options (EVOVO) Addon for Tickets

EVOVO addon was another big achievement for eventON. Building this addon was a very long and brain consuming task. Variations and options addon allow users to sell tickets with many variation types and with price options. This addon allows several great improvements to selling tickets using Tickets addon.

Four New Addons

Apart from EVOVO addon, we have developed and released 4 more addons which are Reminders, PDFer addon (Both are for RSVP and Tickets), Invitees, and Waitlist (For RSVP)

Major Improvements to Addons

Seats Addon – Since its launch v 1.0 update to Seats addon was a huge improvement with new layouts for editor and various other features.

Tickets Addon – Because of updates to Seats addon and the creation of other new extension addons, tickets addon went through some serious reforms in v1.7 Improvements to tickets addon in 2018, saw lot of changes that improve the inter-connectedness of this addon with others in our effort to create a big eco system of addons that are able to know the existence of other addons and behave differently or respond well with others.

RSVP Addon – Just like with Tickets addon RSVP addon also went through major reforms to its code with the release of feature extending addons.

With both RSVP and Tickets addon, we started utilizing event object and its extensions and expanding the usage of object throughout the old code.

Subscription Licences

One of the biggest changes in 2018 was the license system for eventON addons. We changed the license system to yearly subscription. We received mixed feelings from our customers upon the change, which was expected. However going forward the new license system will help EventON for its survival for the years to come and for us to continue to build new features and improve the system to changing web trends and still support our customers.


Another major mile stone of 2018 is the improvements we made to helpdesk. Not so much visible in frontend customer side, but in order to assist our customers better we improved the agentview of the helpdesk with a complete new data structure and UI designs. From frontend, you may have noticed changes to layout designs. On agentview, Ticket prioritization, Team Huddle chats, Activity timeline, and Tasks log are some of the many improvements.

Cyber Weekend

In 2017, we did our first cyber discount only for 1 day. In 2017 we offered 20% off all addons. This year we did a pre-cyber weekend and a full weekend of discounted prices of 30% off. We saw discount usage increase by 185% and the value in discounts given increased by 284%.

Anniversary Celebration (Dec 21st)

Last year (2017) we did the first anniversary celebration discount, and it was well received. Or should I say well used. This year for 7 year anniversary for EventON we did 10.7% and the usage of this discount went down by -19.34%


Road Ahead

As the founder of EventON, I want to make 2019 the best year yet for EventON and for it’s customers who use eventON daily for their operations and to generate sales with ticket sales or other means. As I have said before, I love the aspect of knowing that I help someone out there generate revenue using eventON. Going forward I want to continue to empower those usages of eventON and find new ways to help eventON customers generate revenue and discover new avenues for revenue using eventON.

WordPress & woocommerce are ever changing platforms and we embrace the changes, so going forward we want to make sure eventON will always play nice with new changes to WordPress or Woocommerce and utilize the changes to built that into eventON eco system.


  1. vincent.tobing says:

    Hello team, happy new year to all of you at EventOn. First of all, thanks for beautiful and useful calendar plugin and add-ons. To me EventOn is still the best calendar plugin out there, but still I do hope to see continuous improvement in the next updates for EventOn to be better and better, and of course especially the speed. Good luck EventOn. Wish you all the best!

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words Vincent! Wish you a happy news year as well from EventON team!

  2. maxim.rusakov says:

    My best wishes for the project, team and customers. EventON still one of the most power ecosystem. For me it’s not only events and calendars, it’s tickets and seats. I’m interested in debug  grow and improvement of Seats branch.

    Modular design helps to grow the project and combine elements need for each individual customer case.
    But I warry, that the development in 2019 can be slowdown because of lot of new elements, new requirements for WordPress 5.0.

    I hope for the good sales for all of us, EventON team, and EventON customers also. That will provide resources also for the development on new great features we can use to do more cool things.

    Just one of the customers of EventON
    Happy New Year!

    1. Ashan Jay says:

      Thank you Max!

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