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Server Migration & Sync Addon with Facebook

Published on: August 16,2018

The Great Migration is Over

First of all my apologies for not forewarning you guys about the server migration. It was something I wanted to do for quite sometime, but kept pushing back. And it just came to a point we just had to pull the trigger and get it done. We greatly appreciate your patient through this process, I saw few people had issues and then they saw our twitter on the server migration news and understood the circumstances.

Anyways we are now completely moved to a new and faster server, and you probably have already noticed increase in loading speed on our helpdesk and main site.

Use Stripe to buy Addons

With new sevres, we also added SSL to all our sites now. With that we are now using Stripe as an alternative payment method to Paypal to accept payments for eventON addons. Some folks from Turkey and Pakistan had issues using Paypal in the past, and this should help now. So far we are seeing about 50% of the customers choosing to use Stripe instead of Paypal. We are also finding out Stripe transaction fees are slightly cheaper compared to Paypal.

Sync Addon with Facebook Events

There was lot of involvement from our wonderful EventON folks at helpdesk ticket — about the Sync addon’s facebook event import feature.

While back, with the sudden change in privacy policy and restrictions on facebook event imports, we really started to ask ourselves, is this the game we want to be in — where we are at the mercy of these 3rd party APIs to perform tasks that may work today but not tomorrow.

With recent developments to facebook event import restrictions it seems apparent they are going to really lock down on event imports. Going forward its not something we want to spend a lot of our time on and expect someday it will open up. Because we want to spend our time on developing better and important features for eventON that will empower our users to do more things and have an ease of mind.



  1. james says:

    So basically you gave up on Facebook import, which was a big reason some of us invested a lot of money into this Eventon Platform? Nice. That doesn’t give the everyday service builder an ease of mind, it means you give up on something that someone could possibly tie a whole business platform too.


    1. Ashan Jay says:

      We didnt just give up James, as mentioned above, we have to think what would give us the best return for our time. We have played ball with facebook API for quite sometime. Depending on another platform and being at the mercy of their API, for something like facebook (who happened to be changing their API every so often) is not something we want to be in the game for. But we are working with another facebook plugin developer on bootstrapping our sync addon into it and finding a way to help customers who bought sync addon to be able to use that feature.

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