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EventON 2.6.9 and New Tickets Suite

Published on: May 10,2018

Couple of days ago we released EventON 2.6.9 which was a minor update with several bugs addressed. And was more of a foundation update for new tickets addons suite. Find our more about eventON changelog.

Updating to EventON 2.6.9

Please refer to how to update eventon, on how to update eventON main plugin to latest version. We always, always recommend you guys backup phpmyadmin Database before updating. If you are updating manually from a version older than 2.6.8, please read updating to EventON 2.6.7

If you are on version 2.6.8, and doing manual update with deleting old version, the settings “Do not delete eventon settings & data when EventON is uninstalled” is working correct and can be used safety. However before any updates, we highly recommend backing up phpmyadmin Database.

Tickets Suite

Now the big news of the day, the biggest update to our addons, to this date. This addon include Tickets, Bookings, QR Code and Seats. Great code improvements for speed in eventON – was a major purpose with this update, while also allowing for extension of the features.

Some of The Big Features

I have added so many new features to all the ticket suite addons. Let me highlight some of the cool things I liked.

Tickets Addon:

Fast attendee filtering

View attendees section load data using JSON data and filtering the attendee list is super fast now.

Attendees Tickets

I’ve created a separate object now to handle attendee tickets. So now partial order refunds can refund partial tickets from an order.

New Look

Ticket information display on eventCard and event ticket order item meta data display layouts have been updated to look cooler than before.


Fast Calendar Layout

I’ve created a custom javascript based calendar that shows available booking dates for selection, which shows available booking slots on that date. And this calendar works soo fast.


Unassigned seating

When I first created seats addon, I wanted to add the unassigned seating but was running out of time and wanted to get seats addon out. So now we have unassigned seating!

New Seat Editor

The old seat editor for admin, had some restrictions when dealing with large data, so I’ve basically remade the whole editor to be able to handle large amounts of seat data and it very intuitive with a very small learning curve.

Zoom and panning

I’ve added seat map zooming and panning capabilities, which also works great on mobile. Which will help lot of our customers with converting those mobile users into sales.

QR Code:

Scanner Gun

While back one of our customers was trying to figure out how to use a scanner gun with qr code gun. And now we officially have the compatibility to use QR code scanner guns to check in guests.


Updating to New Tickets Addons

We have done a lot of tests on the new ticket suite, myself and my colleagues. Just to be 100% sure you won’t lose your event data, once again I highly recommend you guys backup database. If your web host allows, create a restore point.

Once backedup, follow the guide on how to update addons.

I have another cool surprise for you guys coming soon!


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