Sync Addon & Facebook API Update

Published on: April 18,2018

Due to the latest API update by facebook our Sync addon has stopped working in importing facebook events. Since April 4th, facebook has restricted access for events in API due to recent privacy issue. They have new policy & rules to get event data and restricted events data over API. So at the moment you are not able to import events from facebook.

Facebook is making changes in their platform and they will fix these issues hopefully soon.

For the moment Sync addon has been pulled off our store. And we are still testing for possible work around to get facebook events for our customers who own Sync addon, despite the facebook changes in API. If we have an update on this and a fix, we will send out a tweet via @myeventon. But for the moment Sync addon facebook fetching remains as “not able to fetch”.

You can find more about this via facebook’s post.

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