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Whats cooking in the oven

Published on: October 31,2018

Wanted to give an update to our dear eventON customers on what is going on behind the scene at eventON and what they can expect in the coming months.

Last month we pushed a big update to RSVP addon which redid most of code structure. We have been working on addressing immediate bugs and issues related to that since then. Along with addressing some of the other issues with eventON addons, primarily ActionUser and Tickets addon.

PDFer Addon

One of the most requested features in our feature list was the need for PDF tickets and we released the PDFer addon earlier this month following the big RSVP addon update. PDFer addon support both RSVP and Tickets addon. So far we have gotten 14 purchases for this new addon. It wasnt a minimal viable product, but a step above that, yet certainly at minimal stage and we are hoping to improve this addon in the future just as we have with all our other addons.


I have seen a growing interest for a wishlist addon for both RSVP and tickets addon. We have started work on this and are planning for a end of November release.

Helpdesk System

Another big thing we have been spending our time, is on our own helpdesk support system software which we use for eventON support, called Suppota. Few people were interested while back for buying it as a product. But we have been doing lot of work to improve its features just for our admins. It is turning out to be a pretty extensive system, which I am planning to bring out to others as a digital software they can buy for their own use.

Cyber Monday

Last year we ran our first cyber monday deals at myeventon.com and it was a great success. So I just want to throw it out there, there may be even bigger deals coming this year for cyber monday at myeventon.com

Going Forward

EventON for me is not a one hit wonder. I started eventON with the goal of helping others build great looking calendars where they can own the data themselves and not pay commission or per each use. We have lot of features we are so excited to add into eventON in the coming months and years. And I want to thank you very much for all our dear eventON customers who choose to take a ride with us and support us, which is what has allowed us to take eventON to such great heights.



Event Maps & Google API

Early this summer google decided to ramp up about 400% increase in google maps API usage fees. I am sure they have their own reasons. Not just eventON, but bigger companies like Lyft rely heavily on google maps, so you can imagine the extra costs they incur with a huge increase in google maps API usage fees.

Several users have inquired us about finding alternatives to google maps. And we have been pursuing other options already – it is another things thats cooking in the oven for eventON. We are hoping to get a free maps source implemented in the future for eventON.



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