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Patch Fix: EventON 2.5.4 calendar broken layout

Published on: June 13,2017

in Fix

If you are noticing your eventon calendar layout broken and no styles are showing up like below It is causing because of a code error that happen only when you disable schema data from eventON settings. Here is the fix replace this file into eventon/includes/ folder in your web server and clear cache. Next […]

EventON 2.5.3 single event sidebar fix

Published on: May 11,2017

in Fix

Download this file with patch fixes Replace content-single-event.php & single-ajde_events.php into folder ../eventon/templates/ Replace class-single-event.php file into ../eventon/includes/ folder and clear cache for new files to load.

Patch fix eventON v 2.4.5

Published on: August 29,2016

in Fix

Our recent update to eventON has a minor javascript issue that stop it from working if you dont have dailyView or weeklyview addon. (which comes with required mousewheel javascript which we made a mistake of not including in eventON) Please try putting below files in your eventON folder via FTP and that will fix the issues for […]

Fix Sorting error

Published on: September 22,2014

in Fix

Replace this file in to this location in your FTP: ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/   What does this fix This file will fix sorting giving out empty or not events when select sorting options along with location filters.


Published on: August 14,2014

in Fix

Replace this file in the location mentioned in the error. which is: ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ folder. [code] Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in …..\wp-content\plugins\eventON\classes\class-calendar_generator.php on line 1858[/code]

Fix: 2.2.14 Hide empty months bug

Published on: July 7,2014

in Fix

What’s solved: Hide empty months not working on event calendar lists How to fix it: Download the below file and replace it via FTP to ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ folder

Fix: Event repeat on week of the month

Published on: June 26,2014

in Fix

Some of you had issues of event repeats showing multiples of the repeat and the last week of the month not saving correctly. This fix should solve that issue. Please download and replace the files via FTP.   Where to place the files class-calendar_generator.php = ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ ajde_events_meta_boxes.php = ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/admin/post_types/  

Fix: Addon license activation issue

Published on: June 18,2014

in Fix, News

Quick fix for addon license not activating.   Where to place the files: settings_addons_licenses.js == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/assets/js/admin/ addon_details.php & settings_addons_tab.php == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/admin/includes   What this will solve: Not being able to activate the addons for eventon  

FIX: Eventon Addon activated but not effective

Published on: June 13,2014

in Addons, Fix

If you have eventon installed correctly but your eventON addons still shows a message like Addon activated by not effective please try the solution below to get rid of this bug.   Open the main php file inside ../wp-content/plugins/eventon-addon-folder eg. if dailyview the main php file name should be eventon-daily-view.php   In this file under  _contruct() function right before […]

How to solve – Fatal error: Class ‘evo_addon’ not found.. on v2.2.12

Published on: June 3,2014

in Fix

If you are seeing the below error when you updated eventon addons to latest version right now please follow the instructions below to solve this. [code] Fatal error: Class ‘evo_addon’ not found in /home/…/public_html/wp-content/plugins/….[/code]   Reason We have changed the evo_addon class in version 2.2.12 (actually completely removed it). And then realized it is needed […]

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