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Paid Virtual Events with EventON 3.1 and Jitsi Integration

Published on: March 31,2021

in Addons, New Release

In our big 3.1 update to EventON we added a more close integration with Jitsi. You can see how to connect to jitsi in here. We introduced a close jitsi connection with eventON purely for the opensource features it offers compared to a more close source zoom. Mind you we still support zoom integration with […]

Using Event API, Slider & Lists Items Addons

Published on: July 19,2016

in Addons, Announcements

Within the last 2 months we have released couple of new addons for eventON. So I want to talk about those addons and how they can help you in this post. Event API Lot of eventON customers were looking for a way to show their calendar on an external website, and we have gotten a […]

Events Map is back

Published on: May 9,2016

in Addons, Announcements

I am delighted to tell you today that we are bringing Events map addon back live. We did some major improvements to the addon primarily in the area of correctly putting map markers and speed. With eventON version 2.3.22 update all event locations should have auto generated latitude and longitude. This will be used on […]

New EventON, ActionUser and RSVP addon

Published on: April 27,2016

in Addons, New Release, Update

As you may already know we have released EventON 2.3.21 last week. There wasnt any major additions it was mostly fixed past bugs with the plugin. However this new update made some changes necessary for us to release the new ActionUser and RSVP addon. ActionUser addon We did some great improvements for actionUser and lot […]

Subscriber Addon Update v1.0

Published on: March 30,2016

in Addons, Update

Following our update to fullCal I am also releasing an update to subscriber that was in the work at the same time. This update adds several new items and the most important one is the connection with mailchimp that was requested by handful. You can now enter mailchimp API information and access all the available […]

FullCal update version 1.1

Published on:

in Addons, Update

Releasing a minor update to eventon FullCal today. The new version update will address below items. Most important addition would be the 50-50 month grid and the side by side. The 50-50 display was something that was requested by several users and Mike has been providing them with a custom CSS patch. One thing to remember […]

Event 2.3.13 and its effects

Published on: December 9,2015

in Addons, News, Update

Hello guys wanted to say few words about the latest eventON version update and its effect on other addons. As we speak eventon 2.3.13 is available in auto update and will be available for manual FTP update from codecanyon soon. Big Change The biggest change made in this version is the new lightbox HTML and […]

New Addon: Sync facebook & google calendar events

Published on: May 26,2015

in Addons, New Release

  This is our newest addon for eventON. Lot of you have been asking for this for a long time and I am happy make the announcement today for our Sync addon for eventon. This addon will fetch events from facebook and google calendar and import them to eventON calendar and will allow you to […]

New Addons: search, countdown & subscriber

Published on: April 6,2015

in Addons, New Release

Hey guys, wanted to share with you couple of new addons we released in the past few weeks. Lot of you guys have been asking us for these addons for awhile now and I am happy to announce these new addons. And they add such great value and power to eventON calendar.   Search Search […]

New Addons!

Published on: October 22,2014

in Addons, Announcements, New Release

Hey guys hope you guy are having a great time and wanted to write a post updating what is going around at EventON base. Yesterday I released version 1.0 for EventTickets  addon and I hope you guys enjoyed all the new additions and fixes. Following that earlier today I released version 2.0 for RSVP  addon, which was […]

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