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EventON 4.1

Published on: July 5,2022

in Update

We very much appreciate your patience during our development work for EventON 4.1. Kindly find the improvements and enhancements we have made to eventON in the 4.1 version below.

Release Notes EventON 2.8.4

Published on: December 12,2019

in Release Notes, Update

Hey guys, wanted to update you on the new release which is a minor update to 2.8.3 version and the 2.8 version of eventON. This update contain lot of fixes, below are a couple. FIXED: We have fixed the event date not saving correctly when the date format is custom. And with custom date format […]

EventON 2.6.9 and New Tickets Suite

Published on: May 10,2018

in Update

Couple of days ago we released EventON 2.6.9 which was a minor update with several bugs addressed. And was more of a foundation update for new tickets addons suite. Find our more about eventON changelog. Updating to EventON 2.6.9 Please refer to how to update eventon, on how to update eventON main plugin to latest version. […]

Before updating to EventON 2.6.7 – Important

Published on: April 5,2018

in Update

If you are updating to eventON 2.6.7 using manual method by deleting old eventON. Before you do this, be sure to set “Do not delete eventon settings & data when EventON is uninstalled” to NO — to avoid potential losing event data during eventON plugin deletion process. This issue will be fixed in EventON 2.6.8, however […]

EventON 2.5.5 & Updates Day

Published on: July 7,2017

in News, Update

As I have promised some of you, we have released the new eventon 2.5.5 version update earlier this week. Lot of bugs have been address in this version you can check the complete log here. Updates Day Today literary was an updates day. We have released updates to big 3 addons: ActionUser, RSVP and Tickets. Updates […]

EventON 2.4.7 & Addons

Published on: October 10,2016

in Announcements, Update

We recently released eventON 2.4.7 version update fixing bunch of bugs we had encountered from our customers. One of the biggest differences is that we have changed the way location and organizer taxonomy meta data is saved. We have now switching to one wordpress option as oppose to creating individual option for each taxonomy. Once […]

New EventON, ActionUser and RSVP addon

Published on: April 27,2016

in Addons, New Release, Update

As you may already know we have released EventON 2.3.21 last week. There wasnt any major additions it was mostly fixed past bugs with the plugin. However this new update made some changes necessary for us to release the new ActionUser and RSVP addon. ActionUser addon We did some great improvements for actionUser and lot […]

Subscriber Addon Update v1.0

Published on: March 30,2016

in Addons, Update

Following our update to fullCal I am also releasing an update to subscriber that was in the work at the same time. This update adds several new items and the most important one is the connection with mailchimp that was requested by handful. You can now enter mailchimp API information and access all the available […]

FullCal update version 1.1

Published on:

in Addons, Update

Releasing a minor update to eventon FullCal today. The new version update will address below items. Most important addition would be the 50-50 month grid and the side by side. The 50-50 display was something that was requested by several users and Mike has been providing them with a custom CSS patch. One thing to remember […]

2015 in Retrospective

Published on: January 21,2016

in News, Update

This is kind of a late news blog post but better late than never. 2015 was a great year for eventON not only the growth of its customer-hood but also addon library and features for eventON. We stand here today and looking back we have done our best to satisfy lot of requests from our customers. […]

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