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Event 2.3.13 and its effects

Published on: December 9,2015

in Addons, News, Update

Hello guys wanted to say few words about the latest eventON version update and its effect on other addons. As we speak eventon 2.3.13 is available in auto update and will be available for manual FTP update from codecanyon soon. Big Change The biggest change made in this version is the new lightbox HTML and […]

10k installations and 2015

Published on: December 29,2014

in Update

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I am very glad to tell you that we have gone past 10,000 sales for EventON through codecanyon site. First of all, I really want to thank you all for your greatest support in believing in us and buying our software. I also want to thank […]

Update for EventON

Published on: November 10,2014

in Update

Hi guys wanted to write a quick update about EventON and its addon and future plans. Following the EventON 2.2.20 update and major updates to EventTickets, RSVP and QR Codes addons we have been helping you guys fine tune issues with these addons via our forum. — which is our official support forum now. If you have […]

Event Tickets Addon v 1.0

Published on: October 21,2014

in Addons, News, Update

Hello guys, I am super excited to introduce you the newest release of the event tickets addon. I took down all your requests and issues and spend considerable amount of time including those into the addon and making it ever so great.   What is new? Your customers can now buy tickets from repeating events The dates […]

What’s new with EventON 2.2.17

Published on: September 11,2014

in New Release, Update

Hey guys appreciate the wait and so wanted to give the official tour of the 2.2.17 newest version of eventon. I have been working very hard and long hours on this new update perfecting lot of things and fixing lot of issues.   What is new with 2..217   Upto 10 custom meta data fields […]

Sneak Peak of next EventON update

Published on: September 2,2014

in Sneak Peek, Update

Hi guys, I want to apologize for the little delays in support response as I have been spending more time on fixing issues for eventon and adding new features lot of you have been asking for. Wanted to show you some of what I have been working on. Below is a sneak preview of the […]

New ActionUser addon update 1.4

Published on: August 19,2014

in Addons, Update

Guys new ActionUser addon is out now. Lot of good stuff been added that most of you have requested. Please check out the update you can grab is from auto update or from myeventon.com/my-account. v1.4 (2014-8-19) ADDED: Event Subtitle form field ADDED: User Interaction field to the front form ADDED: Guide to user capabilities list […]

EventON 2.2.15 is here

Published on: August 13,2014

in myEventON, News, Update

Hi guys, the long awaited new update to eventon is here. Sorry about the delay, support has been taking a long time away from building this. With that news, I am looking for php/WP developers to help us with development related support queries, if you are interested please email me to info[at] ashanjay.com.   What’s new? […]


Published on: June 9,2014

in Update

Our server had an a huge pike in traffic to update.myeventon.com in site5 which is where we are hosting and they have disabled the domain so because of this you will not be able to see addons list on myeventon> addons & license page.   Thank you for your understanding and we are working on resolving this […]

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