EventON in an event-less online world

Published on: April 6,2020

At this point almost everyone around the world is directly or indirectly effected by COVID-19 virus. To contain the spread most of the world governments have issued restrains on movement and gathering of people. This has caused lot of physical events around the world to cancel or postpone.

EventON is one of the highly used event calendar plugins for wordpress with over 49,000 users around the world. EventON users are also going through the the event cancellations as a result of this pandemic. This create new and creative opportunities for individuals and businesses on how they can still continue their business without a physical presence.

Using EventON in an event-less online world

Events connect people together in spreading the knowledge or entertainment. Just because we had to cancel physical events does not  mean an event can not still be continued via online without physical contact with other humans.

An online events can be organized to stream your regular events using 3rd party steaming services like facebook live, youtube, skype or zoom in real time, just like a normal event.

Eg. if you are a comedian and you can not hold comedy shows in physical locations now. Great news is you can use a live streaming service like youtube and stream your comedy shows as an online event.

If your events are classes or seminars such as Gyms or church sermons. You can easily stream your classes and seminars using a 3rd party live streaming service or pre-record the video and make it available for customers to purchase.

Online Event Locations

With EventON 2.8.7 version we added support for events hosted in virtual locations. With this, you can use an online location URL for the event. This information also provide schema data to allow google crawlers to find out.

Tickets for Online Events

EventON provide a comprehensive event calendar and a directory for listing events which are very well developed with schema data for search engine crawlers to find the events. This help you create events in EventON so that they can be found by people searching for such events.

You can sell tickets for online events easily using our Tickets addon. With ticket addon version 1.7.13 you can set additional event information that is only visible to customer once their order is confirmed.

This can be used to show your customers a private link to access the live stream event only after they purchased an event ticket.

Endless Event Audience

A physical event at an auditorium is restricted to the number of seats available, but an online event can have as many attendees as possible because there is no restriction on space available (well as long as your streaming service for online event can handle a huge viewership at one time)

Downloadable Pre-recorded Videos as Events

Ticket addon is powered by woocommerce. Because of that you can convert an associated Woocommerce ticket product into a downloadable product. And add a pre-recorded video of your selling material for customers to purchase.


Other EventON Additions

Countdown addon can be used to add a countdown timer to when the live stream will start.

If you are not planning to sell tickets, but just allow users to RSVP to the live stream events you can use our RSVP addon to setup online events.

Just because the times get tough does not mean everything must come to a halt. Tough times create new creative opportunities. We just have to be smarter than the tough time to take advantage of the opportunities.

If you have other creative ideas for using EventON please let us know so it can help others in similar situations.



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