New ActionUser addon update 1.4

Published on: August 19,2014


Guys new ActionUser addon is out now. Lot of good stuff been added that most of you have requested. Please check out the update you can grab is from... [...]

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New Event Tickets Addon

Published on: June 27,2014

AddonsNew ReleaseNews

This news update is little late mainly due to the fact I’ve been busy trying to tie in lot of things for eventON and doing updates to landing pages.... [...]

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RSVP Events addon update & new addon page

Published on: June 18,2014


  I am super excited to introduce to you the next version of RSVP Events addon. I have been spending lot of time in the past few days ironing... [...]

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Whats in the hut for eventON

Published on: June 13,2014

AddonsSneak Peek

Hi guys wanted to write a real news post other than the fixes I’ve been posting. First of all I want to apologize for the fixes I had to... [...]

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FIX: Eventon Addon activated but not effective

Published on:


If you have eventon installed correctly but your eventON addons still shows a message like Addon activated by not effective please try the solution below to get rid of this bug.... [...]

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New Addon to promote single events for EventON

Published on: May 7,2013


I want to introduce you to our newest addon for EventON — The Single Events for Eventon   What does it do? Link direct to single events Since version... [...]

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