New Addons: search, countdown & subscriber

Published on: April 6,2015

AddonsNew Release

Hey guys, wanted to share with you couple of new addons we released in the past few weeks. Lot of you guys have been asking us for these addons... [...]

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Eventon 2.2.28

Published on: March 25,2015

New Release

Guys sorry for the long wait for this next update to eventon. Had a lot going on. So this update primarily focus on updating and fixing several issues in... [...]

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New Addons!

Published on: October 22,2014

AddonsAnnouncementsNew Release

Hey guys hope you guy are having a great time and wanted to write a post updating what is going around at EventON base. Yesterday I released version 1.0 for... [...]

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What’s new with EventON 2.2.17

Published on: September 11,2014

New ReleaseUpdate

Hey guys appreciate the wait and so wanted to give the official tour of the 2.2.17 newest version of eventon. I have been working very hard and long hours... [...]

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New Version: Eventon 2.2.14

Published on: July 3,2014

New Release

  Hey guys, EventON 2.2.14 version is out for grabs from eventon server with¬†auto update. This version focus more on fixing some smaller bugs we had going on that... [...]

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New Event Tickets Addon

Published on: June 27,2014

AddonsNew ReleaseNews

This news update is little late mainly due to the fact I’ve been busy trying to tie in lot of things for eventON and doing updates to landing pages.... [...]

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New 2.2.11 Update

Published on: May 20,2014

New ReleaseNews

I want to introduce you to 2.2.11 update to eventon today. It is not available on automatic update as well as codecanyon > my downloads.   Awesome things that... [...]

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