EventON in an event-less online world

Published on: April 6,2020

Case Study

At this point almost everyone around the world is directly or indirectly effected by COVID-19 virus. To contain the spread most of the world governments have issued restrains on... [...]

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Setup a vendor style website using revenue builder addon bundle

Published on: October 13,2017

Case StudyInformation

Setting up a vendor style website where you are the provider of a market place (event directory) and your vendors (customers or organizers) sell their itemsĀ (event tickets), can be... [...]

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Case Study of how you can automate your day-to-day ticket sales process with EventON

Published on: September 18,2017

Case Study

EventON has some great addons that we have developed overtime — that can extend the boundaries of eventON to do great things. Automating day-to-day ticket sellingĀ process is one of... [...]

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