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Case Study of how you can automate your day-to-day ticket sales process with EventON

Published on: September 18,2017

EventON has some great addons that we have developed overtime — that can extend the boundaries of eventON to do great things. Automating day-to-day ticket selling process is one of them.

Some of our customers, using eventON today have already untapped this potential of eventON. Let me take you through how you can also automate your day-to-day ticket selling process with eventON by allowing ticket sellers to pay and submit events to your ticket website and collect commission for every ticket sold by your approved seller.

Setup Tickets Environment

First we are going to install eventON tickets addon. In Tickets settings, we are going to set a custom ticket product title that will be used when new ticket products are generated so it looks nice. Then allow check-in guests for event manager. This will allow ticket sellers to checkin guests at their event.

In order to split payments from ticket sales you can use any Woocommerce supported split payment plugins eg. WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Split Payment Because tickets addon is powered by Woocommerce (wc) you will need to install woocommerce and configure WC to accept payments.


Collect Paid Events

We are going to use ActionUser and actionUser Plus addon next, to allow event submissions and charge for event submissions. After installing these addons, we can go to settings and enable event fields we want the seller to submit information for us.

In ActionUser settings, we will set to only logged-in users can submit events, and assign the event submitter to event after submitting (so he can manage events) and also allow creating new categories on the form.

In the form fields we will enable all necessary fields we want the seller to send event data for an event. Importantly, be sure to select the Ticket Fields.

Under event manager settings for actionUser, we are going to enable all the options. Such as front-end editing, deleting and see events in event manager.

Now under paid Submissions in actionUser Plus, if you want to collect a fee from the seller to submit an event to sell tickets, you can do that by setting up paid event submission settings. Here you can set a cost for submitting events and how many events they can submit at a time etc.

Creating the Pages

Now we need to create a page for sellers to submit their events. We can do that by creating a new event in WordPress pages and using eventON shortcode generator.

In the EventON shortcode generator you can select various options for the event submission form, such as lightbox form, form titles, redirect form after submission etc. Similarly we will create a event manager page as well.

You will also want to create a page and show the calendar with events created by your seller using shortcode generator — so the buyers can find the events to purchase tickets.

The event submission form will look like below for the ticket seller with option to enable and fill in ticket information for their event.

In their event manager page they will be able to see all the events and their ticket stats. They will also be able to check-in guests, and see how many tickets they have sold so far.

And that is it, we are all set. Now all we need is to advertise the event submission page. And every time your ticket seller sells a ticket for his event you will receive a commission. And if you had set up paid event submissions, you will also collect payment when they submit an event.

Other Bells & Whistles

QR Code addon is another one you can add, which will embed a QR Code into the event ticket email sent to the customer. So they can bring their ticket and your ticket seller will be able to scan guests into the events using any 3rd party QR Code scanner apps. You can learn more on how to set up QR Code here.

You can also use our EventON Slider addon to show case events on your site so its more appealing for customers. An example would be to show top 5 events on the slider when a visitor comes to your website first.

Countdown timer is another neat addition you can implement. This neat addon will show how much time is left till the event start or time left to buy tickets.

Automated Income

Just like that you can also set up an event directory site to allow ticket sellers to submit their events and sell tickets so everytime they sell a ticket to events on your website you can earn money. Once this set up is complete it can run automatically without your supervision on every aspect of it.

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