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Best-Selling EventON Addons in 2017

Published on: January 10,2018

Last year has been a great year at eventON with regards to improvements in the software itself in the areas of the core structure and new and exciting addons like Bookings Addon and Advent Event Calendar Addon. Last year we also doubled our team size with two amazing guys joining in. Artem and Basilis thank you guys for deciding to join the great eventON journey!

Last year we saw EventON customer base grew into 31,000 users of the main EventON plugin downloads and installations. It is very exciting to see the growth of EventON customer base and we are laying foundation to handle even more future growth and to make EventON a more sustainable product than ever before.

Top 5 Best Selling Addons for EventON

Let’s take a look at what addons for EventON ranked high on the list for 2017. This list is composed of addons purchased by our customers and the ranking is based on the number of purchases.

1. FullCal Addon

FullCal addon gives the grid based calendar look for EventON’s minimal list based style calendar. It also allows however over dates to see events on that date. We have big plans to improve and add new features to FullCal this year, specifically a more Google calendar style with event names inside date boxes, which has been requested a lot.

2. Event Lists Ext. Addon

Lists Ext. addon allow creating of X number of events regardless of the month. Such as Next 5 Upcoming events or Last 10 Events. This addon truly extends the basic list version of EventON included in the main plugin.

3. Event Tickets

Event Tickets addon allows site owners to sell tickets for EventON events and collect payments. Tickets addon is powered by Woocommerce and with that comes huge range of flexibility and customizable features as far as payment methods, checkout alternatives, split payments etc. We have spent a lot of time on Tickets addon last year and are hoping to take it even further with new and exciting features and this will be the corner-stone addon for EventON. And we hope Tickets addon and it’s extensions will empower new niche ideas for business owners using EventON in their quest to find new marketplaces to create innovative ideas using EventON as their main platform. Last year we introduced Bookings addon and Dynamic Pricing addon, which utilize Tickets addon. Other extensions already available for Tickets addon areĀ Seats addon and QR Code addon.

4. Action User Addon

ActionUser addon gives website owner the ability to control website user permissions with regards to EventON features and most importantly allow front end event submissions and event management. An extension to ActionUser is ourĀ ActionUser Plus addon, which allows website users to charge event submitters per event submissions.

5. RSVP Events

RSVP addon for EventON gives website owners the ability to allow their guests to RSVP for events and let them know if they are attending the event or not without having to pay for events. We are planning to improve RSVP addon this year and allow great new features like invite only RSVP.


There you have it, those are the top 5 best selling addons for EventON in 2017. We look forward to another great year at EventON and really pushing EventON to new limits. We also hope to empower our EventON customers do more with EventON Event Calendar Plugin than ever before.





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