Sneak Peak of next EventON update

Published on: September 2,2014

in sneak peak Update

Hi guys, I want to apologize for the little delays in support response as I have been spending more time on fixing issues for eventon and adding new features lot of you have been asking for. Wanted to show you some of what I have been working on. Below is a sneak preview of the [...]

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New ActionUser addon update 1.4

Published on: August 19,2014

in Addons Update

Guys new ActionUser addon is out now. Lot of good stuff been added that most of you have requested. Please check out the update you can grab is from auto update or from v1.4 (2014-8-19) ADDED: Event Subtitle form field ADDED: User Interaction field to the front form ADDED: Guide to user capabilities list [...]

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Published on: August 14,2014

in fix

Replace this file in the location mentioned in the error. which is: ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ folder. [...]

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EventON 2.2.15 is here

Published on: August 13,2014

in myEventON news Update

Hi guys, the long awaited new update to eventon is here. Sorry about the delay, support has been taking a long time away from building this. With that news, I am looking for php/WP developers to help us with development related support queries, if you are interested please email me to info   What’s new? [...]

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New look at DailyView Addon

Published on: July 9,2014

in Announcements

Hey guys I am super excited to introduce you the newly re-designed DailyView calendar.   So I have added a beautiful and clean current focused date section above the days stripe to make it more obvious for visitor that the calendar is showing events for that day. Below that also shows the number of events [...]

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Fix: 2.2.14 Hide empty months bug

Published on: July 7,2014

in fix

What’s solved: Hide empty months not working on event calendar lists How to fix it: Download the below file and replace it via FTP to ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ folder [...]

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New Version: Eventon 2.2.14

Published on: July 3,2014

in New Release

  Hey guys, EventON 2.2.14 version is out for grabs from eventon server with auto update. This version focus more on fixing some smaller bugs we had going on that were solved with fixes. I want to thank you guys for your patience and being willing to try the fixes while I get a new release [...]

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New Event Tickets Addon

Published on: June 27,2014

in Addons New Release news

This news update is little late mainly due to the fact I’ve been busy trying to tie in lot of things for eventON and doing updates to landing pages. Anyways, I sent out a newsletter to some of you about the EventTicket addon for eventON, so thank you for opening that email and responding to [...]

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Fix: Event repeat on week of the month

Published on: June 26,2014

in fix

Some of you had issues of event repeats showing multiples of the repeat and the last week of the month not saving correctly. This fix should solve that issue. Please download and replace the files via FTP.   Where to place the files class-calendar_generator.php = ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/classes/ ajde_events_meta_boxes.php = ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/admin/post_types/   [...]

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Fix: Addon license activation issue

Published on: June 18,2014

in fix news

Quick fix for addon license not activating.   Where to place the files: settings_addons_licenses.js == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/assets/js/admin/ addon_details.php & settings_addons_tab.php == ../wp-content/plugins/eventON/admin/includes   What this will solve: Not being able to activate the addons for eventon   [...]

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