From: $29.50

Action User

Wanna get event contributors involved in your EventON calendar with better permission control? You can do that plus lot more with Action User addon.

From: $17.50

Event Lists: Ext

Do you need to show events list regardless of what month the events are on? With this addon you can create various event lists including past events, next 5 events, upcoming events and etc.

From: $27.99

RSVP Events

Do you want to allow your attendees RSVP to event so you know who is coming and who is not? and be able to check people in at the event? RSVP event can do that for you seamlessly.

From: $45.50

Event Tickets

Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. Stop paying percentage of your ticket sales and try event tickets addon!

From: $17.50

Full Cal

The list style calendar works for you but you would really like a full grid calendar? Here is the addon that will convert EventON to a full grid calendar view.

From: $9.99

Single Events

Looking to promote single events in EventON via social media? Use this addon to share individual event pages that matches the awesome EventON layout design.

From: $17.50

Daily View Addon

Do you have too many events to fit in one month and you want to organize them into days? This addon will allow you to showcase events for one day of the month at a time.

From: $9.99

CSV Event Importer

Are you looking to import events from another program to EventON? CSV Import addon is the tool for you. It will import any number of events from a properly build CSV file into your EventON Calendar in few steps.


Daily Repeats

Daily Repeats will allow you to create events that can repeat on a daily basis - a feature that extends the repeating events capabilities of the calendar.

What are addons?

Addons are extensions that you will be able to install within Calendar Plugin to extend the basic functionality of the plugin.

Our logic behind addons is to keep the basic plugin size to a minimal while allowing a way for users to add extended functionalities to their calendar selectively and smartly. In a way that will not overload your basic plugin with functions that you will not need or use ever.



need help with eventon?

are you stuck or having issues with eventON calendar plugin? not to worry drop us a line on our support forum or search for topics related to your issues thats already answered for quick solutions.