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From: $49.50

Action User

Wanna get event contributors involved in your EventON calendar with better permission control? You can do that plus lot more with Action User addon.

From: $32.50

Event Lists: Ext

Do you need to show events list regardless of what month the events are on? With this addon you can create various event lists including past events, next 5 events, upcoming events and etc.

From: $39.50

Events Map

Put all your events on one map representing all their locations and number of events at that location to provide an amazing experience for your visitor

From: $49.50

RSVP Events

Do you want to allow your attendees RSVP to event so you know who is coming and who is not? and be able to check people in at the event? RSVP event can do that for you seamlessly.

From: $75.50

Event Tickets

Are you looking to sell tickets for your events with eventON? Event Tickets powered by Woocommerce is the ultimate solution for your ticket sales need. Stop paying percentage of your ticket sales and try event tickets addon!

From: $16.50

QR Code

Add awesome QR Codes to event tickets so you can check-in attendance at your event with a smart phone like a boss!

From: $25.50

Event Reviewer

Start accepting reviews and ratings for your organized events using event reviewer addon.

From: $25.50

Event Photos

Mobile optimized lightbox image gallery for events that is seamlessly intergrated into eventCard

From: $25.50

Event Slider

Event Slider addon can convert your events into a beautifully crafted user-appealing slider that put the events on the spotlight

From: $35.50

Full Cal

The list style calendar works for you but you would really like a full grid calendar? Here is the addon that will convert EventON to a full grid calendar view.

From: $45.50


Your website users can subscribe to receive emails when you post new events on your calendar using this addon.

From: $25.50

Event Countdown

Display a real-time countdown timer until the event end - to increase sales and attract more interest for your events.

From: $45.50

Sync Events

Import and sync events from facebook and google calendar into eventON

From: $25.50

Single Events

Looking to promote single events in EventON via social media? Use this addon to share individual event pages that matches the awesome EventON layout design.

From: $32.50

Daily View Addon

Do you have too many events to fit in one month and you want to organize them into days? This addon will allow you to showcase events for one day of the month at a time.

From: $32.50

Weekly View

Do you have too many events to fit in one month and you want to organize them into days? This addon will allow you to showcase events for one day of the month at a time.

From: $14.50

RSS Feed

Your website visitors can now easily RSS to all your calendar events using RSS Feed addon.

From: $12.50

Event Search

Search events easily right from the eventON calendar.

From: $27.50

CSV Event Importer

Import event data from other calendars into your eventON calendar using this addon -- using CSV format.

What are EventON Addons

The above addons are extensions for eventON Calendar plugin only. The addons extend the features and functionality of EventON Calendar. You are required to EventON main plugin for the addons to function correct, in other words – you can not run addons itself without eventON main plugin.


Addon License For Developers

EventON addons do NOT have a developer license version. You are NOT permitted to include eventON addons in a theme or a plugin that will be resold in a marketplace (envato) Even though this is an available option for eventON main plugin with our permission, it is not an option for eventON addons.



need help with eventon?

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